Farm Products Direct, Inc.

Farm Products Direct, Inc. Related

Adding Value to Farm Products:: This article describes some different approaches to increasing the output from a farm in a sustainable way. [PDF]

Progressive Farm Products, Inc.:: Develops new equipment to meet the changing practices of today's farmers.

Farm Products, SRL:: Producers and exporters of non traditional grains from Argentina.

Sougandika Farm Products Pvt. Ltd.:: Suppliers of meat and meat products, vegetables, seasonings, and tea and coffee. Kerala, India

CAB Direct:: An easily searchable archive of summaries of the world's agricultural and applied life sciences literature, available at cost.

Get Wines Direct:: Cleanskins specialist offering a range of wines. Includes label design information and testimonials.

Seafood Direct:: Find fresh, smoked and frozen fish and shellfish. Also caviar and roe.

Direct Vin:: Selection of Burgundy wines directly from the wineries at the price of the producers

Domaine Direct:: A London based specialist in Burgundies and oversized bottles. Also offering eaux de vie and liqueurs.

My Wines Direct:: Provides a selection of boutique red and whites wines available for purchase under club membership.

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