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Compost for Erosion Control:: Information, brochures, and research studies on the use of compost and mulch for erosion control in agriculture and roadside areas.

Sierra Worm Compost:: Worm Compost is THE Best Way to Healthy Garden Soil, Naturally ! We are a Northern California producer and supplier of worm compost, Red Wiggler composting worms and the Easy Roll worm bin. How to Make Compost:: Set up and maintain a compost pile with these step by step instructions.

Test Methods for the Examination of Composting and Compost:: Scientifically based laboratory manual that addresses all major composting parameters. Includes test methods and sample preparation protocols for the analysis of all compost types, including MSW, yard waste, and biosolids composts.

Turner New Zealand:: Provider of beef, venison, lamb, fish, shellfish and seafood from New Zealand.

Turner EnviroLogic:: Designer, manufacturer and installer of a variety of air pollution control and management systems. These include thermal oxidisers, wet scrubbers, exhaust stacks, SCRs, CEMs, dampers and expansion joints.

Turner Designs:: A comprehensive site of fluorometers, luminometers, and oil in water monitors used in environmental, biotechnology, and industrial applications.

Turner Foundation:: Supports activities directed toward preservation of the environment, conservation of natural resources, protection of wildlife, and sound population policies.

Turner Ham House:: Offers sugar-cured country ham. Fulks Run, Virginia.

TURNER Equipment Supply:: TURNER equipment comprises a complete range of solutions for small, medium and large scale potato farmers. * The range spans from the TL-280-PH two row planter, to the flagship TL-8540-JTR single row trailed potato harvester with a four ton bunker capacity. * Additions and improvements to the range are always in development and there are solutions for all applications to suit the small farmer or the larger commercial operation. * Solutions r

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