Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification Related

International Journal of Food and Wine GMP:: An international peer reviewed Journal dedicated to all aspects of Wine and Food.

Management Practices Can Influence Predation:: Discussion of sheep management practices to prevent losses due to predators.

Soils, Cropping Practices and Fertilizer Use:: Describes the fertilizer requirements of different soil types, with particular reference to Alberta.

Advanced Building Technologies & Practices:: Professional builder's guide to environmentally responsible technologies and materials for use in commercial/industrial buildings.

Integrated Production Practices of Cashew in China:: An account by the FAO of the status of this crop in China and the production methods used there.

Survey of Field Pea Production Practices in South Australia:: Includes a study of the practices, principal problems, and a discussion of its relative importance.

Tillage Best Management Practices for Water Quality Protection in Southeastern Minnesota:: Article provided by the University of Minnesota extension covering tillage, erosion control and research findings.

TAVEL Certification Inc:: An approved provider of certifications under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Sustainable Fishing Program.

RIOS Certification:: Today, customers of recycled materials want proof that their suppliers adhere to environmentally friendly practices and comply with the highest standards in quality and occupational health & safety. They insist on independent, third party recycling certification to verify this commitment. Globally recognized Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) certification by SGS proves your commitment to quality, environment and safety in recycling pra

Aquaculture Certification Council, Inc.:: Aquaculture Certification Council, Inc. is a nongovernmental body established to certify social, environmental and food safety standards at aquaculture facilities throughout the world. This nonprofit, nonmember public benefit corporation applies the Global Aquaculture Alliance Best Aquaculture Practices standards in a certification system that combines site inspections and effluent sampling with sanitary controls, therapeutic controls and traceab

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