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Palm Bunch Ash Organic Fertilizer ( Organic Potash ):: Palm Bunch Ash is 100% organic fertilizer, gained naturally from palm oil empty fruit bunch ash. It has been used as best natural source of Potassium (K2O). It has also been used to neutralize acidic soil.

Walt's Organic Fertilizer Co.:: Since 1995 Walt's Organic Fertilizer Co. provides organic garden supply and services. The Walt's Organic Fertilizer purveys organic fertilizers & soil amendments, organic chicken feed, organic veggie starts, organic and heirloom seed selection, beneficial organisms, organic onion sets, organic seed potatoes and more.

Greenland Organic Fertilizer:: San Jose is known as "The Egg Basket of the Philippines" wherein there's a man who contributed patience, hardwork, special skills, and talents for its title and popularity in the country. He is Engr. Rolando R. Lagaya. A mechanical engineer by profession, he established his farm together with his parents in 1975 as a mere family business wherein they started with 500 heads of layers at Brgy. Tugtug, San Jose, Batangas. Engr. Lagaya is not only a

Dally Humates Organic Fertilizer:: Produces humic acid and potassium humate for use as fertilizer.

Organic Production and Organic Food: Information Access Tools:: Alternative Farming Systems Information Centre (AFSIC) provides a directory of documents, contacts, research sources, web sites and educational programs.

Organic Farm Certification and the National Organic Program:: This guide outlines the considerations involved in moving to organic farming and the basic steps to certification, a necessity if produce is to be marketed as being organic. [PDF]

Organic Trade Association: Organic Is Worth It:: The OTA’s mission is to promote and protect organic trade, to benefit the environment, farmers, the public and the economy.

Foliar Fertilizer:: Introduction to the sources of, and the uses of foliar fertilizer.

Fertilizer Strategies:: Discusses the role of fertilizers in the development of agriculture along with the factors that have an impact on their use by farmers. It deals with the many issued involved in the efficient distribution and marketing of fertilizers. Also available in Arabic, French and Spanish. (PDF format).

Infinity Fertilizer:: Botanical natural plant nutrient that is water soluable and fast releasing.

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