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Wild Coyote Foods:: Hot, mild or medium salsa, ranch and bleu cheese dressings, and Mexican food seasoning mixes.

Wild Hare Foods:: Offers beef jerky, beef sticks, and summer sausage.

Forbes Wild Foods:: Canadian company that supplies wild foods, primarily to restaurants and food stores. All foods are harvested from the Canadian wilderness by trained pickers who utilize sustainable harvesting methods.

American Wild Foods:: The wild world of American Wild Foods; its exotic, rare, and powerful. It's all here, all that you need for better health. It's all non-GMO, the only non-GMO food site in the world. The commitment to the quality and purity of these foods is unmatched. It means you get the real food without toxins or additives. Plus, these foods are richer in nutrients-vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids, and more. All the food on this site is healthy. We go

Bill's Fruit and Gift Shop:: Shippers of Florida oranges, grapefruit and citrus gifts from Cape Coral.

Bill Moore & Company:: Broker of young plants and other starter materials including seedlings, cuttings, offsets, liners, tissue-cultured, and air-layered plants. Ornamental plants include cut flowers, flowering pot plants, holiday pots, annuals, perennials, tropical flowering, landscape, bulbs, and baskets.

Fur Farming (Prohibition) Bill (UK):: Current Bill to ban fur farming in the UK. 22 November 1999.

Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife Rehabilitation:: Aiding wild animals who are sick, injured or orphaned and to release them back into the wild once they are well.

Col. Bill Newsom's Aged Kentucky Country Ham:: Smoked, barbeque, and prosciutto hams, sausage, and bacon, plus sorghum molasses and preserves.

St. Maries Wild Rice & Ankeny Lakes Wild Rice:: Packages of various wild rices and blends, some with cookbooks.

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