Organic Agriculture and Rural Development

Organic Agriculture and Rural Development Related

Manas Rural Development Institute:: Indian sustainable community development program designed to encourage the production of healthy organic food with eco-friendly and sustainable conservation practices, based on the ancient science of Vedas.

Associates in Rural Development, Inc. (ARD):: Technical assistance for international development in agriculture, infrastructure, natural resource management, and institutional development.

Guelph Seminar Series in Agricultural and Rural Development:: Communication and collaboration across disciplines and institutions on agricultural and rural development issues through remote international seminars involving researchers from Canada, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania.

Natural Resources and Rural Development in Arid Lands: Case Studies from Sudan:: United Nations University report edited by H.R.J. Davies.

Tropical Agriculture and Rural Environment Program:: The Tropical Agriculture and Rural Environment Program addresses the interactions between agricultural production, environmental quality, and nutrition and human well-being. Together with our partners, TropAg helps accelerate progress toward food security in Africa while also improving rural livelihoods, human nutrition, and environmental sustainability. We are developing a scientific evidence base, which translates into tools, guidelines, and

Vegetables - Ontario, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs:: All aspects of vegetable production are covered including factsheets, newsletters, crop updates, pest and disease control and statistics.

Diseases - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA):: Fact Sheets on a variety of crop diseases including vegetables.

Teagasc: Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority:: End-of-project reports for Horticulture and Forestry are listed, that includes research reports on vegetable crops. Some of these reports can be downloaded, others must be ordered through the library.

Integrated Assessment of Agriculture and Sustainable Development (AgSAP):: Conference aiming to discuss scientific approaches to assess agricultural systems in the context of sustainable development and propose an agenda for future research in this domain. 10-12 March, 2009 in the Netherlands.

Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP):: The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme, CAADP is about bringing together diverse key players - at the continental, regional and national levels - to improve co-ordination, to share knowledge, successes and failures, to encourage one another, and to promote joint and separate efforts to achieve the CAADP goals. CAADP aims to help African countries reach a higher path of economic growth through agriculture-led development. CA

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