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Crop Protection Association (CPA):: The Crop Protection Association (CPA) is a key voice of the UK Plant Science Industry. We promote the role of modern plant science in safeguarding our food supply from seed to shelf. Our members are involved in the development and manufacture of a wide range of plant science technologies which are of crucial importance to the cultivation and protection of food crops, protecting our gardens, woodlands, infrastructure and public places. These inclu

Mid America Crop Protection Association:: Information about crop protection chemicals and career opportunities within the field.

Arizona Crop Protection Association (AZCPA):: The Arizona Crop Protection Association (AZCPA) seeks to educate the legislators, regulators, and the public about the crop protection industry. We are pleased with the recent growth in membership and the continued commitment of the Board to strengthen this organization. As an Association, we are committed to strengthening the crop protection industry not only for today, but for the future as well. As an association, AZCPA provides valuable servi

International Association for the Protection of the European Dark Bee:: Site mostly in Swedish, but there is an abstract describing the work of the association in English.

Crop Protection:: Helping Feed a Hungry World and Advancing Agriculture. One-sixth of the world population, or over 900 million people, suffers from malnutrition. Agricultural output has to double in the next 20-30 years in order to feed the world’s population. By 2030, the United Nations predicts there are likely to be 1.7 billion more mouths to feed. Farmers must have access to crop protection solutions to grow more food per acre. Crop protection products k

Syngenta Crop Protection:: Syngenta is a leader in agriculture across the globe, bringing retailers and growers improved management solutions. An industry leader, Syngenta Crop Protection is committed to meeting the increased demand for food, feed and fuel. Our vast portfolio of products helps growers control the weeds, insects and diseases that threaten yield on farms across America. Through an investment of more than $2 million a day in research and development, we conti

Southwest Crop Protection:: SWCP specialise in designing and building Permanent Netting Structures in WA, made to last and withstand Australia’s harsh environment. Our custom designed structures are constructed to protect crops from broad acre horticulture to small hobby farms. This Crop Protection provides a constant climate control; and reduces wind, evaporation and pests. All structures are individually designed to suit all types of land contours including hills and va

Global Crop Protection Federation:: Goal is to foster understanding, cooperation, and communication among industry, government, and farmers.

ENDURE: Diversifying Crop Protection:: The European Network for the Durable Exploitation of Crop Protection Strategies aims to develop science-based sustainable, innovative pest control strategies to reduce pesticide use in agriculture.

Bug Vacuums for Organic Crop Protection:: Field vacuums provide a non-chemical approach to insect pest management. This article discusses their advantages and disadvantages and the sourcing of suitable equipment.

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Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI)
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