Procinorte: Task Force on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits

Procinorte: Task Force on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits Related

International Symposium on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits:: Online scientific papers concerning fruit and fruit cultivation.

Tomistoma Task Force:: A nonprofit wildlife conservation initiative for endangered crocodilian Tomistoma schlegelii (False Gharial).

Spray Drift Task Force:: Tools for predicting the drift of agricultural chemical sprays applied aerially, via ground application, or via irrigation systems.

Clean Air Task Force:: A nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring clean air and healthy environments in the United States through scientific research, public education, and legal advocacy.

Bushmeat Crisis Task Force:: A consortium of conservation organizations and scientists dedicated to the conservation of wildlife populations threatened by commercial hunting of wildlife for sale as meat.

California Oak Mortality Task Force:: Task force focusing on the pathogen causing Sudden Oak Death disease through research, management, education and public policy.

Agricultural Learning Repositories Task Force:: Community initiative that aims to promote the development of a global infrastructure to facilitate sharing and reusing of learning resources on topics related to agricultural and rural development worldwide.

Industry Task Force II on 2,4-D Research Data:: An account of current research including toxicology and environmental information.

Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force:: Based at the Open University Ecology and Conservation Research Group and operate under the umbrella of the IUCN Species Survival Commission. The mission of the DAPTF is to determine the nature, extent and causes of declines of amphibians throughout the world, and to promote means by which declines can be halted or reversed.

Gunnison Basin Selenium Task Force:: Group of local, state, and federal interests committed to finding ways to reduce selenium concentrations in the Western Colorado watershed.

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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
The Punjab Agricultural University
Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI)
The Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria