Actron: Integrated Fly Management

Actron: Integrated Fly Management Related

Wheat Bulb Fly and Other Fly Pests of Cereals:: Discusses the main fly pests of cereal crops and the measures that can be taken to minimise the problems their larvae cause. [PDF]

Integrated Environmental Management:: Informative primer on radon, its progeny, measurement and risks. Extensive information on radioactivity and radiation, exposure and risks.

Center for Integrated Pest Management:: Information from CIPM and about the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for IPM, sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Georgia Integrated Pest Management:: Extensive information on pests found in Georgia and IPM for apiculture, livestock and poultry, and field and horticultural crops (including canola, cotton, tobacco, pecans, soybeans, peanuts, and grains).

Integrated Pest Management Programs:: Covers greenhouse and floriculture, fruit, nursery and vegetable cultivation, and also provides information on the New Jersey Integrated Pest Management program for schools.

C E N Integrated Environmental Management Unit CC:: South Africa-based consultant in rural development and resource management programmes, including conducting environmental and social impact assessments of development initiatives.

Corn Rootworm: Integrated Crop Management:: Various articles on these damaging pests with plenty of information on identification and control.

Integrated Crop Management: Black Cutworm:: Various articles on these pests of corn crops with plenty of information on identification and control.

Alfalfa Insects: Integrated Crop Management:: Photographs and information to help in identification of the many insects to be found in first-cutting alfalfa, both friend and foe.

Integrated Crop Management: Soybean Aphid:: Various articles on these pests with plenty of information on chemical and biological control.

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