Flock Shock

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Fi-Shock:: Fi-Shock has been manufacturing top-of-the-line electric fence systems since 1968 and is globally recognized as a leader in the electrical fencing industry. We have all the components needed for electric fences: electric fence wire, electric fence controller (electric fencers or chargers), and more. Build the best electric fence system for your animal control needs.

Shock Coffee:: New York City based producer and supplier of caffeinated coffee products and chocolate coated coffee beans.

Fi-Shock Electric Fencing:: Fi-Shock manufactures electric fences and fencing products for livestock, equine, exotic animal, and pet containment.

Gedwydd Flock:: Breeder of Wilsire Horn Sheep, a woolless breed of sheep. Located in North Wales, Unitied Kingdom.

The Damburgh Flock:: Information about the Clun Forest sheep of The Damburgh Flock. Located in Bodegraven, The Netherlands.

Bonnygate Flock:: Breeder of Jacob sheep in Glen Farg, Perthshire; offering breed information and stock for sale.

The Nutwood Flock:: The Nutwood flock of Jacob Sheep in Worcestershire, the United Kingdom, and a collection of knitting kits and patterns using Jacob wool.

The Turin Flock:: Breeders of purebred Texel sheep with a flock of 100 pedigreed ewes. Located in The United Kingdom.

The Cottage Flock:: An Irish site discussing the origins and merits of their French breed of sheep, the Vendeen.

The Killeen Flock:: Irish breeder of Vendéen sheep. The flock is a registered member of the Irish Vendéen Sheep Society. Located in Dunsany, Co. Meath.

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