Victoria Wildlife Management

Victoria Wildlife Management Related

Forestry and Wildlife Management Services:: Florida company offering forestry, timber and wildlife management services aimed at improving profitability whilst protecting the environment.

An Information Guide to Forest and Wildlife Management:: Provides assistance in obtaining advice for forest landowners, listing resources for North Carolina and at regional and national level. [PDF]

Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management:: Non-profit organization providing research-based information on how to responsibly handle wildlife damage problems.

Insitu Wildlife Conservation Organization: The Wildlife Rights Foundation:: Campaign to protect wildlife through the formation of legally binding and enforcable international wildlife and habitat laws.

Flowers Victoria:: Representative body for the Victorian Flower Growers, the largest producers of cut flowers in Australia. Includes list of members, marketplace and calendar of events.

Victoria Packing Corp:: Specialty food manufacturer of pasta sauces, imported olives, gourmet foods in retail, food service, and industrial sizes.

Victoria's Three Great Zoos:: Contributing to the conservation of wildlife and natural habitats.

Victoria's Food Bowl:: Victorias Food Bowl features information on the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID) various investment destinations and its strengths in relation to agriculture and the supply chain, as well as an overview of the Northern Victoria Irrigation Renewal Project (NVIRP).

Mountain Cattlemens Association of Victoria:: Campaigning to retain alpine grazing in the Victorian high plains.

Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV):: Animal Liberation Victoria: Fighting for animal rights. Animal Liberation Victoria is an abolitionist organisation dedicated to helping all animals, with a strong focus on those factory farmed. The underlying goal of ALV is to abolish the property status of animals. Animal Liberation Victoria is located in Melbourne and is acknowledged and respected as Victoria's most premier vegan abolitionist animal rights organisation.

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