Wildlife Damage Control

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Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management:: Non-profit organization providing research-based information on how to responsibly handle wildlife damage problems.

Control of Beaver Damage:: Information on the biology of the beaver, the damage it can cause, assessing the need for action, prevention, shooting and trapping.

Low-Powered Lasers: Another Nonlethal Tool for Resolving Wildlife Damage:: Information from the U.S. Wildlife Services on the use of lasers to disperse birds in a number of different environments.

Predator Damage Control in Cultured Fish:: Article from the Alberta Government on damage prevention and control techniques.

Newman's Wildlife Control Service:: Offers to catch and remove nuisance wild animals from Connecticut homes and businesses. Includes information on squirrels, raccoons, skunks and other animals.

Wild Things Wildlife Control:: What We Do? We remove almost any wildlife you will encounter here in Southwest Florida. The most common animals we remove or control are: bats, cats, birds (ducks, pigeons, starlings), raccoons, skunks, opossums, armadillos, snakes, squirrels, and a whole lot more. Many types of nuisance wildlife in or around our homes need a control program. Removing them is often only half the battle. Keeping them out (and keeping their cousins out) is somethi

S & S Professional Wildlife Control Services, Inc.:: Canadian goose management solutions.

Critter Safe: Humane Wildlife Control Solutions:: Offers a humane wildlife management option using non-lethal, no-trap, release on-site or one-way doors to solve animal nuisance problems.

Insitu Wildlife Conservation Organization: The Wildlife Rights Foundation:: Campaign to protect wildlife through the formation of legally binding and enforcable international wildlife and habitat laws.

Drought Damage to Trees:: Article by Dr Kim Coder into the progressive response of trees to lack of water, the effects on growth, biological lag effects, drought hardening, increased pest damage and the visible symptoms.

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