Oregon Pest Control Association

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The Georgia Pest Control Association:: A statewide organization representing specialists in the field of urban environmental pest management.

Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials (ASPCRO):: Professional association for the United States.

Home Pest Control:: Provides advice on how to save money and do your own home pest control.

Biological Pest Control:: Reference and application guide for the use of the parasitic nematodes Steinernema for pest control.

Environmental Pest Control:: Biological alternatives to the use of poisonous chemicals. Site provides contact details.

Natural Pest Control:: Links and information regarding natural pest control and environment friendly alternatives to chemicals.

Pest Control Portal:: Listings of jobs, equipment, companies, training and products.

Alterra Pest Control:: Alterra is the SMARTER approach to pest control, providing both residential and commercial pest services. Alterra provides solutions for more than 47 common household pests, and is committed to protecting customers with environmentally responsible methods. Alterra is the fastest-growing pest control company in North America and currently services more than 450 cities across the nation. For further information, view Alterra's website or call toda

Manchester Pest Control:: Manchester Pest Control, the ORIGINAL pest control service for Manchester (estab. 1999). Manchester Pest Control pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of effective, professional and environmentally-friendly pest control at a cost effective price. Pest Control Manchester is committed to protecting your homes and businesses against harmful pests. We provide an environmentally safe, superior and reliable service and are committed to tota

History of Biological Pest Control:: Including specifics on the biological control of pests of medical and veterinary importance. The site is maintained by Dr. E. F. Legner.

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