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Biological Control News:: Discusses the use of insects to control crop, garden, and home pests. No longer published but back issues are available.

Biological Control of Locusts:: Locust and grasshopper control is currently carried out with chemical pesticides. This article describes control measures using a myco-pesticide based on the spores of a fungus pathogenic to insects.

Biological Pest Control:: Reference and application guide for the use of the parasitic nematodes Steinernema for pest control.

Biological Control of Weeds:: Supplier of live insects for non-chemical control of rangeland and pasture weeds.

Biological Control of Cotton Wilts:: Article describing research in China into the successful use of micro-organisms to control the soil-borne diseases caused by Fusarium and Verticillium wilts.

History of Biological Pest Control:: Including specifics on the biological control of pests of medical and veterinary importance. The site is maintained by Dr. E. F. Legner.

Arizona Biological Control - Arbico:: Provides biological pest control using fly parasites, lady bugs, nematodes. Also provides sustainable environmental alternatives to chemicals including fly traps, fertilizers and other products for organic growers.

International Organisation for Biological Control:: IOBC Global; describes mission, tasks and organisation, with list of relevant publications and links to regional bodies.

Biological Control Virtual Information Center:: Biological control is the use of one organism to suppress another. Information on the method from the Center for Integrated Pest Management, NC State University.

Biological Control of Insect and Mite Pests:: Article dealing with classical biological control using introduced species, augmentation of naturally occurring enemies and conservation of the enemies already present in the environment.

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