Non-Chemical Methods for Controlling Diseases

Non-Chemical Methods for Controlling Diseases Related

Controlling Leafy Spurge Using Goats and Sheep:: Sheep and goats can be effective tools to complement herbicides for control of leafy spurge. In addition, their control efforts can generate an economic return from land that other livestock won't graze.

Methods of Modern Farming:: Methods of Modern Farming enhance the farming production. So, it is a must to get better production.

Site Preparation Methods and Contracts:: This article discusses the factors to be considered when deciding how to prepare the site for seeding and what to specify when a contract is drawn up. [PDF]

Clubroot Control Using Novel and Sustainable Methods:: Research project undertaken by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Soil Survey Laboratory Methods Manual:: The methods described are those by the laboratory at the National Soil Survey Center (NSSC). The purpose of this manual is to document methodology and to serve as a reference for the laboratory analyst.

Test Methods for the Examination of Composting and Compost:: Scientifically based laboratory manual that addresses all major composting parameters. Includes test methods and sample preparation protocols for the analysis of all compost types, including MSW, yard waste, and biosolids composts.

CWC Chemical:: Distributor and manufacturer of herbicides, adjuvants, tree growth regulators, and more.

Chemical Evolution:: Offers caffeinated items including mints, candy, gum, soaps, and gels.

Spartan Chemical:: Product, training and maintenance sanitation system design and implementation.

Chemical Inventory:: Provides companies with barcoded database inventory, assessments, and remediations for hazardous waste.

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