Entomology Program and Laboratory Related

Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory Nonindigenous Species Program:: Examining the role of the zebra mussel in promoting nuisance blooms of the potentially toxic blue-green alga Microcystis on Saginaw Bay and the effects of these blooms on the ecosystem and the mussels themselves.

Bohart Museum of Entomology:: The R. M. Bohart Museum of Entomology, founded in 1946, is located on the University of California, Davis campus. The museum is dedicated to teaching, research and service. We have the seventh largest insect collection in North America, and is worldwide in coverage. The collection holdings total more than seven million specimens of terrestrial and fresh water arthropods. The museum is also home of the California Insect Survey, a storehouse of the

UCR Entomology Bees:: Honey Bee Research and Information at the University of California, Riverside. The honey bee laboratory at UCR, directed by P. Kirk Visscher, is researching the biology of Africanized and European honey bees, developing new techniques for effectively managing these bees, and helping to prepare California to deal with the new challenge of Africanized bees. The lab also studies other aspects of honey bee and wasp behavior, both basic and applied.

UCD Entomology Apiculture Newsletters:: The Apiculture Newsletter- Entomology at University of California, Davis.

Veterinary Entomology Expert Systems:: Free software for house fly management in confined animal production systems, poultry pest diagnosis and management, and livestock pest diagnosis and management.

Department of Entomology at Volcani ARO:: Descriptions of the research undertaken in insect management, taxonomy, ecology, toxicology and control.

US Salinity Laboratory:: Basic research on the chemistry, physics, biology, and assessment of salt-affected soil/plant/water systems.

IMS Laboratory:: IAQ and microbiology laboratory.

National Sedimentation Laboratory:: It emphasizes research dealing with soil erosion; transport and deposition of sediment; movement of chemicals on upland areas and in streams; the impact of agricultural practices, in-stream structures, and bank protection on these processes; water quality; and the ecological well-being of streams.

Soil and Plant Laboratory, Inc.:: Providing soil, plant, and water analysis and diagnostic services and consultation to the nursery, agriculture and landscaping industries.

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