Grass Seed Insects

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Cool-Season Grass Seed Production:: Factsheet on cool-season grasses and their cultivation and harvesting for seed.

Other Controls: Insects, Enemies of Insects:: Article by Barnard D. Burks which investigates the insect world, describes how some insects parasatize others and how man can benefit from this.

Insects:: Insects and Bugs on the Web. The aim of the website to help you really see insects for the miniature marvels they represent and to understand how intertwined our cultures have become with these alien creatures.

Feeder Insects: Livefood:: Offers a range of feeder insects to hobbyists, shipping anywhere in continental USA. Includes firebrats, woodlice, bean weevils and buffalo worms.

Soybean Insects and Diseases:: Photographs and information from Iowa State University on soybean insects, foliar injury and disease, stem and root diseases, seed and seedling diseases, soybean viruses and cyst nematodes.

Horizon Grass:: We've been in the turfgrass business for over three decades now and we’re proud of our family’s accomplishments. In 1978, with just a 20-acre homestead and a lot of hard work, our family turned a small amount of St. Augustine into one of the finest turfgrass operations around. With the help of dedicated staff and our hard-working family, we've grown to operate several state-of-the-art farms located near major cities so that quality turfgrass

Fertilizer for Grass:: We are a group of people from various nations including Thailand, USA, Germany and the UK that are involved in farming and gardening. We all share the passion of growing plants and have over the years collected data and information on best ways to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers. And most of all how to keep an impeccable green grass lawn healthy and looking good. Our passion is to share our knowledge about fertilizing your grass lawns the rig

Turf grass:: Turf grass has carried out many and varied projects in Central and North Queensland over the last 20 years. The company currently operates farms at Rockhampton, Mackay and Townsville with some 300 acres under production. This operation is backed up by modern equipment in all aspects of cultivation, mowing and harvesting through to specialised vehicles fitted with tailgater forklifts. A workforce of approximately 30 staff is headed by experienced

Beneficial Insects Research Unit:: Located at the University of Delaware, Newark. Provides information on current projects and research programs.

Biology and Management of Potato Insects:: Illustrated account of the various pests that attack this crop below the ground, chew foliage and stems or suck the sap, with possible control measures for each. [PDF]

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