Pesticides, Human Health and the Environment

Pesticides, Human Health and the Environment Related

Lead and Human Health:: ACSH update on lead and its effects on human health.

WHO: Climate Change and Human Health:: Provides links to much detailed information on climate change science and the health implications of global warming.

Program for the Human Environment::

Human-Environment Systems Group:: In the Human-Environment Systems (HES) group we conduct problem-driven environmental research. Currently we focus on creating a sustainable energy system, and reducing people's vulnerability to climate and other natural hazards. Our mission is to identify those scientific questions that policy makers need answered urgently, and then to answer them, communicating the results clearly and effectively. Our core competencies are in the collection and

Public Health Agency of Canada: Environment and Health:: Provides information on environmental health. Includes resources for professionals, educators and the public and frequently asked questions on pesticides.

Health, Environment and Work:: Complementary site to University of Edinburgh site. This site provides many academically based educational resources (also available as FAQs), a search facility, as well as links relating to occupational and environmental health and medicine.

The Environment and Mental Health:: Book available: A guide for clinicians and activists to scientific information about the effects of the environment on psychological development and well-being. Symptoms caused by severe stress and depression can overlap those caused by toxins and by a variety of other mental disorders.

Health and Environment Research:: World Research Institute research into the interaction between human disease, pollution, and large-scale environmental, development, and demographic changes.

The Collaborative on Health and the Environment:: The Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE) was initiated at a meeting at the San Francisco Medical Society on March 21, 2002, and co-sponsored with Commonweal, a health and environmental research institute in Bolinas, California. A two-day conference in Bolinas followed the San Francisco meeting, where a smaller group of committed individuals came together to determine the overall structure of the network. The Collaborative on Healt

Environment and Health: Impact of War:: Article from the Canadian Medical Association Journal examining the relationship of war and health, paying particular attention to the effects of urban aerial bombardment, nuclear testing, and landmines.

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