National Pests & Disease Outbreaks

National Pests & Disease Outbreaks Related

World Health Organization (WHO): Using Climate to Predict Infectious Disease Outbreaks:: Review of the degree to which epidemics are sensitive to climate variations. Identifies candidate diseases and describes the conceptual framework for developing climate-based early warning systems. [PDF]

National Institute For Minamata Disease:: Ministry of Environment, National Institute For Minamata Disease. The National Institute for Minamata Disease (NIMD) was established in October of 1978 in Minamata City, Kumamoto Prefecture, with the purpose of conducting comprehensive medical research to improve medical treatment for victims of Minamata Disease while giving balanced consideration to its deep historical background and social importance.

Turf Pests:: Photographs of several pests that may attack grassland and information on control products from Bayer Environmental Science.

Coffee Diseases and Pests:: Provides information on coffee leaf rust, coffee berry disease, bacterial blight, nematodes and leaf miners which attack this crop.

Grapevine Pests and their Management:: Factsheet from the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries with photographs and information on a number of important pests and possible control measures. [PDF]

Exotic and Invasive Pests:: Provides information on insects and other arthropods, plant diseases, weeds and unwanted aquatic species that have arrived in California from elsewhere in the world.

Insect Pests of Cereals in Ethiopia:: Identification and control methods for insect pests of barley, maize, sorghum, tef and wheat in Ethiopia.

Compendium of Beet Diseases and Pests:: Information on a book of this name and a CD on the disease organisms and pests that can attack the sugar beet crop.

Insect and Mite Pests of Strawberries:: Information on aphids, clipper weevils, leaf rollers, mites, slugs, spittle bugs, root weevils, tarnished plant bugs and wasps, including their identifying features, life cycle, damage caused, monitoring and control.

Plant Dictionary: Pests of Horticulture:: A searchable database of images of insect pests, diseases and other problems of plants, provided by Ohio State University.

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