Whitefly: Biology, Identification and Life Cycle

Whitefly: Biology, Identification and Life Cycle Related

The Life Cycle of the Chicken:: Outline of development of a chicken from before to after being in the egg. Chick feeding information, breeds information, informational coloring pages, and science projects with an egg.

US EPA Life-Cycle Assessment:: Site established to promote the use of LCA to aid in understanding the human health and environmental impacts of products, processes, and activities. Includes primer on LCA and links to related materials.

Life Cycle Assessment Links:: Lists publication, international organizations, research centers, and federal and state government resources.

Economic Input Output Life Cycle Assessment:: The Green Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University maintains the EIO-LCA project, showing the economic and environmental effects of producing 500 commodities sorted by industry group and sector. Results include pollutants, greenhouse gases, toxic chemicals, and employment.

Grasshoppers: Life Cycle, Damage Assessment and Management Strategy:: Information on four species of grasshopper, the damage they do to cereal crops and when action needs to be taken to control them.

European Whitefly Studies Network:: This organization is dedicated to the study and control of whiteflies and the understanding of current whitefly-related problems across Europe.

Genetic Identification Services:: Developer of custom genetic markers resources, studies and research applications. California.

Agri-ID Livestock Identification:: Replaces ear tags, ankle bracelets, neck chains, and ropes.

Horticultural Identification Products:: Provides customized tag and labeling products, including plant tags, pot wraps, garden markers, thermal printing ribbons, and printed marketing tools.

Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification:: Aims to develop scientific and educational computer aided information systems, to improve the general access to, and to promote the broad use of taxonomic and biodiversity knowledge worldwide.

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