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Climate Friendly Farming: Dairy Component:: Provides information on a project to design and construct a farm-scale anaerobic digester to reduce the amount of methane emitted by a dairy enterprise.

Dryland Farming Organisation in West Asia and North Africa:: Provides information on a number of innovative ideas such as the use of medic pastures, with case studies in development and a small farmer centre.

Agrodiversity as a Means of Sustaining Small Scale Dryland Farming Systems in Tanzania:: Describes the benefits of using diverse and sustainable farming methods in the region. [PDF]

Climate and Farming:: The site provides a unique and comprehensive set of resource materials to help farmers make practical and profitable responses to climate changes. We developed the downloadable factsheets, annotated PowerPoint presentations, case studies, and other resources specifically for educators working with farmers and other audiences. Use them to pull together your own package of materials or develop your own presentations for specific purposes.

Establishing Dryland Forage Grasses:: Covers seed selection, seedbed preparation, fertilization, methods of seeding, time and rate of seeding and weed control.

National Dryland Salinity Program:: Is a collaborative research and development effort that is investigating the causes of, and solutions to, the problem of dryland salinity in Australia.

Earth Friendly Coffee:: Buys and sells fair trade Arabica coffee from small farmers from around the world and without added chemicals. Page includes online catalog, photo gallery, and fund raising opportunities. Locations in Alaska and Colorado.

Tops Friendly Markets:: Grocery store chain with information on the company, locations and services. Includes employment opportunities, coupons, meal ideas and recipes. Stores in NY, PA and OH.

Diabetic Friendly LLC.:: An Amazing Selection of Sugar Free Candy, Sugar Free Chocolate and various SugarFree, Low Carb, Sugarless and Diabetic Safe Foods. We pride ourselves on stocking the greatest selection of sugar free & low carb treats in the world! Sugar free Gourmet Chocolates, sugar free Truffles, sugar free Lollipops, sugar free Caramels, sugar free Baking Mixes & More. From Jolly Rancher to Peeps, All sugar free. From Equal Sweetener to Splenda, From sugar fre

Friendly Acres Seed Farm:: Growers and retailers specializing in oat production, as well as, wheat, canola, flax, forages, and barley.

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Agrodiversity as a Means of Sustaining Small Scale Dryland Farming Systems in Tanzania
Direct Seeding: The Natural Solution for Revegetating Arid Lands
Dryland Farming Organisation in West Asia and North Africa
Drylands Coordination Group
International Arid Lands Consortium