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International Irrigation Systems, Inc.:: Drip irrigation systems for home gardeners and commercial growers.

Sadot Irrigation Systems:: Manufacturer of irrigation and fertigation systems.

IDROFOGLIA Irrigation Systems:: Manufacturer of irrigation machines and systems and motor pump sets.

Center Pivot Irrigation Systems:: Blog concerned with these irrigation systems and their components. Also provides news about irrigation and agriculture.

Irrigation of Date Palms with Saline Water and Effluent:: Describes research in Israel into the stress caused by using effluent water which is saline and high in boron for the irrigation of date palms.

Macke Water Systems:: Provider of "bottle-less" water coolers, purification systems and coffee brewing equipment. Product and contact information.

APEC Water Systems:: APEC, Advanced Purification Engineering Corp., is the leading manufacturer of residential reverse-osmosis drinking water filtration systems in the United States. With more than 17 years of industry experience and a loyal customer base that spans the globe, we are proud of our unbeatable reputation in delivering the highest quality water filtration systems. Our products are shipped worldwide to treat all types of water problems and have been emplo

Fresh Water Systems:: Fresh Water Systems is a leader in providing water filters for top brands such as Culligan water filters, Pur Water filters, Aquapure filters, Everpure filters and more. We have a large selection of refrigerator water filters to fit most brands and offer a wide range of water filtration products including reverse osmosis systems, whole house water filters, and ultraviolet water treatment systems. Our list of replacement water filters is searchabl

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems Inc.:: Manufacture of water level sensors, water quality sensors, soil moisture sensors, water flow measurement, and basic weather monitoring sensors.

McNab Water Monitoring Systems:: Instruments to measure conductivity, salinity, and pH.

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