Bill's Fruit and Gift Shop

Bill's Fruit and Gift Shop Related

Espresso Cafe & Gift Shop:: Gourmet cookie gift packs and decorated pizzas. Includes assorted boxes, and themed arrangements.

Feren Fruit and Gift Basket Company:: Provides wines, specialty beers and ales, and floral arrangements. Includes a showcase of prepared gourmet food parcels.

Tropical Fruit Shop:: Shop online for delivery of hand-inspected Indian River oranges and grapefruit.

Wild Bill's Foods:: Producer of meat snacks. Provides also ham sticks and various gifts items. USA.

Bill Moore & Company:: Broker of young plants and other starter materials including seedlings, cuttings, offsets, liners, tissue-cultured, and air-layered plants. Ornamental plants include cut flowers, flowering pot plants, holiday pots, annuals, perennials, tropical flowering, landscape, bulbs, and baskets.

Fur Farming (Prohibition) Bill (UK):: Current Bill to ban fur farming in the UK. 22 November 1999.

Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife Rehabilitation:: Aiding wild animals who are sick, injured or orphaned and to release them back into the wild once they are well.

Col. Bill Newsom's Aged Kentucky Country Ham:: Smoked, barbeque, and prosciutto hams, sausage, and bacon, plus sorghum molasses and preserves.

That Certain Gift:: Baskets include gift items, baked goods, fruit, nuts and tea.

The Gift Gourmet:: Northwest gourmet gift baskets featuring salmon, cheese, crackers, Washington state wines, confections, and cookies.

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