Burdick Creek Gardens

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LA Burdick Chocolate:: A selection of chocolate, gift baskets and pastries. Offering personalized wedding favors. Specializing in chocolate mice and penguins.

Hydroponic-Gardens:: Provides information and instructions on building and using a hydroponic system. Monthly newsletter avalable.

Bountiful Gardens:: Biointensive supplies, heirloom seeds, garden tools, books, pamphlets, videos.

Hobby Gardens:: Manufacturers of greenhouses and accessories for the hobbyist and commercial grower.

Stonegate Gardens, Inc.:: Grows and installs specimen ornamental and native trees. Also specializes in landscape design and construction.

Surry Gardens:: Offering unusual nursery stock, rare plants, garden design, and landscape services. Garden center and nationwide mail order.

Stockan and Gardens:: Scottish manufacturer of oatcakes, shortbread and biscuits. Products and stockists.

Walters Gardens, Inc.:: Wholesale grower specializing in field grown and potted greenhouse perennials.

Rivenrock Gardens:: An organically certified edible and landscape cactus plants nursery. Located on the California Central Coast, shipping virtually spineless cactus plants.

Serra Gardens:: A Southern California nursery specializing in high-quality succulents including Cacti, Aloe, Agave, Euphorbias, and many other drought tolerant plant materials.

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