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Shehawken Tree Farm, LLC:: Pennsylvania growers of premium quality evergreens, including Colorado Blue Spruce, White Pine, Norway Spruce, Hemlock and Arborvitae.

Falcon Creek Farm, LLC.:: Offers full, partial, and self care boarding, monthly or weekly. Provides lessons and ground training. Includes fee list, articles, and training tips. Located in Falcon, Colorado.

Sweet Water Farm, LLC:: Offers full care boarding. Includes description of facility and rates. Located in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

The Oaks Horse Farm LLC:: Offers full care boarding. Includes description of facilities, list of horses for sale, and photos. Located in Bigelow, Arkansas.

Chronic Copper Poisoning:: Answers the question of why chronic copper poisoning (CCP) occurs.

Copper Toxicity in Sheep:: Nutrient interactions, animal management, and environmental conditions that may increase the risk of copper toxicity and how the sheep producer can minimize these risks [PDF]

Copper River Seafoods:: Alaskan wild smoked salmon and coho, in jars, cans or gift packages, plus fresh frozen halibut, king crab and salmon portions.

Copper Moon Ranch:: Offers full care board. Includes description of services and photos. Located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

Copper Recycling Machinery:: With rich experience and professional attitude, Allance's copper recycling machine is being accepted by more and more customers worldwide.  Allance copper cable granulator has four models which meet different productivity requirements. Wire stripping machine has five models which is suitable for personal use or recycling center. AC radiator recycling machine is our latest machine for recycling AC radiator. Not only our cable granulat

Copper Nutrition of Sheep and Goats:: Information about the copper needs for these two animals from the Salt Institute.

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