Bobba-Mike's Gourmet Garlic Farm

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Gourmet Mike's:: Hot sauces, salsas, BBQ and spicy marinades along with other fiery products and gift baskets.

Mike & Diane's Gourmet Kitchen:: Hot sauce products with habanero and chipotle peppers, including spicy BBQ sauces and beef jerky.

Gourmet Garlic Gardens:: Offers rare garlics and alliophile apparel. Also includes information on different types of garlic. Located in Bangs, Texas.

Montana Gourmet Garlic:: Company grows and sells a number of varieties of hardneck garlic to chefs and connoisseurs around the world.

Wissota Garlic Farm:: Our farm is in the Chippewa Valley of Northern Wisconsin, exclusivity growing Garlic "Hardneck Garlic Varieties" for seed and eating. Our Garlic is cared for from planting to harvest and beyond with a great amount of attention and 90% manual labor. We using only organic methods and sustainable farming practices. The garlic is planted by hand, harvested with pitch fork. This year we planted over 50,000 plants. We have several different Varieties

Tamarack Garlic Farm:: Our mission at Tamarack Garlic Farm is to provide the best gourmet table garlic and garlic seed in the Midwest, through using a combination of old-fashioned hard work and using innovative, yet sustainable agriculture practices. Tamarack Garlic Farm received it's name from being located just off the Mississippi River in the rural "Tamarack" area of Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. The first explorers in the area noted that this part of Wisconsi

Rocky Mountain High Garlic Farm:: Gourmet garlic varieties grown and harvested in western Colorado at a high altitude.

The Gourmet Pork Farm:: Gourmet raised pork for fine dining experiences.

Gourmet Cheese, Gourmet Food and Gourmet Gifts:: Buy Gourmet Cheese, French Cheese, Artisanal Cheese and Gourmet Gift Baskets online at and delivered to your doorstep.

Mike's Cichlids:: Florida breeder and importer of African Cichlids.

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