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Greenhouse Gnome:: Your source for all that is greenhouse, delivered daily with garden gnome sensibility! You’ll find everything you need here to get your own greenhouse started, but beyond that you’ll find inspiration. We’re big believers in food DIY, some would say militant in fact! Of course you’ll get all that warm and fuzzy gardening chatter here, but you’ll also understand our world view about self-sufficiency—we’ve outsourced much of our lives;

Hazelnut Growers of Australia:: An association of growers, propogators and others interested in the growing of hazelnuts (filbert nuts).

Oregon Hazelnut Industry:: Association of four Oregon Hazelnut groups providing information on the industry, recipes, formulas, and nutrition.

Green Home Gnome:: Your source for all that is green home, delivered daily with garden gnome sensibility! The site features informative guides and DIY how-to articles on green homes and energy saving to help you save some green: both for your pocketbook and for the planet!

The Candy Factory:: Carries chocolates, bulk candies, nostalgic novelty candies and sugar free items. Includes history of the store in Lexington, North Carolina.

The Chocolate Factory:: Makers of handmade chocolates and chocolate novelties. Order by U.S. mail.

PJ's Sweet Factory:: Handmade toffee, with no preservatives or artificial colors. Milk or dark chocolate, with or without nuts. No shipments between June and September.

The Nut Factory:: Mixed nuts or trail mixes, glazed nuts or gift packs, chocolates, and candy.

Beverage Factory:: Distributor and supplier of various beverage dispensers and equipment. Company profile online ordering and products.

India Factory:: Manufacture chilled rolls for roller flour mills. Malerkotla.

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