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Sara Lee Bakery:: Company history, product information, recipes, questions.

Sara Lee Bakery (Australia) Pty Ltd:: Producer of classic frozen pastries, cakes and pies.

Sara's Guide to New York Fall Foliage:: Provides information on fall foliage driving tours, events, attractions, and accommodations in the Adirondacks and Upstate New York.

Halal Candy UK:: Offers a large variety of candy and chewing gum.

Midamar Halal:: Offers halal meats, sauces, marinades, meals, and pizzas.

My Halal Meat:: US supplier of a large variety of zabiha halal luncheon meat, beef, lamb, and chicken.

Al Safa Halal:: Offers a large line of Halal products. Product line includes chicken, turkey, beef, fish, pizza and falafel.

Halal-Meat:: Halal-Meat company had been established in 1992 under the name 'Alamal', that name was changed later on to 'Halako', This company was the only company that supplied the market with fresh Islamic meat that match the Islamic requirements of Shari’a. Thus the Islamic and Arabic society was happy to have fresh halal meat in the whole Czech Republic. In order to provide appropriate conditions and required to submit fully to the meat of course, our s

Halal Meat:: Halal Meat is the one derived from an allowed animal that is otherwise permissible to ingest its meat within the Shari'a; not only that, but it should have been rendered, or slaughtered, in accordance with Islamic guidelines. Halal meat is establishing meat chain in Karachi, We have Professional team of butchers and our keen interest provide the pure hygienic and quality beef, mutton, chicken, and fish in all over the Karachi. We also provide mea

Halal Food Authority:: Halal Food Authority is a voluntary organisation. It was launched in 1994 to monitor and regulate red meat and poultry in UK. The HFA introduced a unique system of identifying halal meat from non-halal, by putting marking or tagging for authenticity of halal on the carcasses, soon after slaughter at the slaughterhouses.

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