Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company

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Dolphin Sea Vegetable Company:: Hand harvested seaweeds from Irish waters and a red algae supplement.

Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company:: Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company was born in 1985 from one person's vision. Today we sell a ton of dried sea vegetables a year; all harvested by hand in an ecologically sound and sustainable way. Part of a small vibrant cottage industry located in Northern California, along the Mendocino coast, we pride ourselves on the quality of our sea vegetables. We are happy to provide Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables to you because we regard sea vegetable

Mendocino Chocolate Company:: Makers of chocolate truffles, nuts and chews, and specialty chocolates, available in redwood boxes with logos. Stores in Mendocino and Fort Bragg.

Patterson Vegetable Company:: At Patterson Vegetable Company our priority is freshness and quality. Our freshness starts with location: Patterson Vegetable Company is located in the heart of California’s fertile central valley. This valley is one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions, producing 8% of the nation’s agricultural output on only 1% of the farmland. This 500-mile long Central Valley grows bountiful crops from apricots, almonds and broccoli to

Vegetable Growers Supply Company:: Provider of Quality Agricultural Supplies. Vegetable Growers Supply Company was founded in 1948 as a supplier for area growers with packaging materials, including corrugated containers, wood crates and flexible film packaging. The company maintains operations in eight areas - Salinas, Greenfield, El Centro, Huron, Oxnard, Santa Maria California and Yuma Arizona. We proudly serve the needs of the farming community and currently sell more than 150

Rivers Vegetable Oil Company Limited:: Manufacturer of crude palm kernel oil.

Maine Sea Salt Company:: Solar-evaporated sea salt from Maine. Natural, seasoned and smoked varieties. Also collections, bulk, and wholesale.

Swartkops Sea Salt Company:: Marina coarse salts and Braai Salt produced in South Africa.

Mendocino Mustard:: Hand-prepared kosher hot and sweet, and beer mustards, also available in gift crates.

Mendocino Cookies:: Gourmet cookies delivered in a classic tin with a personalized hand lettered card.

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