The Institute of Animal Breeding in the Steppe Regions: Ascania-Nova, UAAS Related

Animal Breeding and Genetics:: Animal Breeding and Genetics Group is working on applied and basic research in collaboration with USDA, breed associations, private companies, and other universities all over the world. We are providing computational programs to assist the animal industry in the genetic evaluation and selection of livestock. Research is also occurring in the area of bioinformatics to meet both animal industry and human health needs. Graduate support is available

The Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics:: A professional organisation based in Australia and New Zealand for livestock scientists, breeders, educators, students and industry service providers.

European Consortium for Organic Animal Breeding (ECO-AB):: It aims to promote organic agriculture through animal breeding based on the standards and principles of organic farming and directed at the needs of organic farming systems.

Global Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics (GJABG):: Global Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics (GJABG) ISSN: 2408-5502 is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides rapid publication (monthly) of articles in all areas of Animal Breeding and Genetics and related disciplines. The objective of this journal is to provide a veritable platform for scientists and researchers all over the world to promote, share, and discuss a variety of innovative ideas and developments in all aspects of Anim

Sugarcane Breeding Institute:: Details of the institution, its work, on the biology of sugar cane, news and events. Tamil Nadu.

Institute for Animal Health:: The IAH in the UK is a specialist centre for research into infectious diseases of farm animals. It also provides diagnostic services for animal diseases and gives expert advice to the UK government and international agencies.

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture:: Describes its work in serving and promoting the livestock industry in the United States. Includes downloadable technical papers, event and educational information.

Animal Welfare Institute (AWI):: Nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to reducing cruelty towards animals.

Animal Behavior Resources Institute:: is the culmination of a long-held vision of Dr. R.K. Anderson, founder and chairman emeritus of the Animal Behavior Resources Institute. It has been his dream to create a non-profit organization where leading professionals in animal behavior and training can share their expertise and experience with the larger community of companion animal professionals. Dr. Anderson's tireless work in support of the human-animal bond, and his dedi

Polish National Research Institute of Animal Production:: Research interests include genetic improvement, nutrition, and development of biotechnical methods for growth, development and production of animals and product quality. In Polish and English.

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Agricultural Research Institute-Uyole (ARI-Uyole)
Texas A&M AgriLife Research
AgResearch Limited
New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES)
Cornell Sheep Program