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Butt & Birds Farm:: Butt & Birds Farm which is owned by Mr. Jawad Butt, have been breeding parrots since 1991. We breed Ringnecks, Rums, Alexander, Cockteils, Congo African Greys, Eclectus, Blue and Gold Macaws, Greenwing Macaws, Ruby Macaws, Military Macaws, Illiger Mini Macaws, Hahns Mini Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoos and Moluccan Cockatoos. We've been breeding and raising birds like parrots, pigeons, pheasants, quail most of my life. We hand raised literally thousan

Gordon's Grub Rub:: Offers award winning seasoning, tenderizer, and marinade all in one. No MSG - old family recipe for great BBQ, oven baking, or frying.

Knox's Dry Rub:: Offers dry rub seasonings for use on meat or as a general seasoning. Product and contact details.

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