Crop Data Management Systems, Inc

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Livestock Data Systems Farm Management Software:: Herd management software developed by a farmer .Cattle and Sheep Manager provide the commercial producer and pedigree breeder with an easy way to keep all livestock records.

Tripod Data Systems:: Provides handheld computers made for extreme outdoor and industrial environments conditions. Also produces land surveying, construction, and precision agriculture GIS software packages.

Specialized Data Systems:: Accounting programs designed for farm and ranches.

Passfield Data Systems Ltd:: Passfield Data Systems Ltd has been successfully providing software solutions since 1995, however in 1997 the company’s vision was redefined. Passfield Data Systems founder Roger Vellacott saw an opportunity to develop a single highly flexible management system dedicated to Horticultural Nursery operations. This single new system would have the following three main aims: 1. Be highly configurable so that it could be set up for different kin

Swine Data Management:: Provides a data entry records service, sow cards and herd production records to pork producers of all sizes.

Alice Biodiversity Data Management System:: Commercial software for the creation, management and publication of biodiversity databases.

College of Forestry Community Spatial Data Management Group:: The Corvallis Forestry Community Spatial Data Management Group was formed in August 1998 to coordinate acquisition and development of spatial data layers, provide searchable metadata and access to spatial data layers, and help offer training for Geographic Information Systems/Remote Sensing software. The group consists of GIS/RS faculty, staff, and students at Oregon State University and representatives from the US Geological Survey Forest and R

Crop and Soil Management:: From Penn State University. Includes chapters on soil management and fertility.

Crop Tree Management: A New Tool:: Crop trees are trees that produce the desired landowner benefits. This factsheet gives guidance on identifying goals and objectives and then developing suitable crop tree selection criteria.

Corn Rootworm: Integrated Crop Management:: Various articles on these damaging pests with plenty of information on identification and control.

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