Department of Forest Soils

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Forest Soils Archive:: Information of interest to the forest soils community with a discussion group and links to other sites with forest soils information.

Forest Soils and Site Index:: Provides guidance on calculating the site index, which will determine the likely return on land, and selecting appropriate species to produce economically acceptable returns. [PDF]

Swedish National Survey of Forest Soils and Vegetation:: A long term inventory of permanent sample plots of the Swedish National Forest. Short English summary, the details are in Swedish.

Karnataka Forest Department:: Karnataka, one of the Southern States of India has 4.33 Million ha of recorded forest area which is around 22.61 percent of its geographical area. Karnataka is endowed with most magnificent forests in the county ranging from majestic evergreen forests of the Western Ghats to the scrub jungles of the plains. The Western Ghats of Karnataka are one of the 25 global priority hotspots for conservation and one of the two on the Indian subcontinent. Sev

Rajasthan Forest Department:: The Forest Department is responsible for the management of forests and wildlife in the state of Rajasthan. It implements three major acts- Rajasthan Forest Act 1953, Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 and Forest (Conservation) Act 1980. The various activities undertaken by the department include Forest Protection, Forest Development Works, Wildlife Management, Soil and Moisture Conservation Works, Forest Planning, Harvesting, Ecotourism activi

Clemson University Department of Forest Resources:: Information for prospective undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff descriptions, student groups, alumni news, and extension forest resources.

University of Idaho Department of Forest Products:: Course descriptions, faculty, research, logger sports, scholarship, and contact information.

Department of Forest Biometry, University of Freiburg, Germany:: About research and teaching programs in forest management and related fields.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Department of Wood Science and Forest Products:: Contact and general information.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation:: Offers graduate and undergraduate programs and provides information on the faculty and staff, careers and research.

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