Soil Plant Nutrient Research Unit

Soil Plant Nutrient Research Unit Related

Plant Conservation Unit:: A small unit within the University of Cape Town's Faculty of Science, undertaking research and extension and post-graduate teaching directed at improving the conservation status of the Cape Floristic Region.

Soil and Nutrient Management of Alfalfa:: Alfalfa has a high demand for nutrients compared to other crops. Information on testing soils, recommended nutrient levels and subsequent management.

Bee Research Unit:: Dr. Nizar Haddad provides information on beekeeping in Jordan and the research unit, books and booklets, articles and films about beekeeping. English and Arabic.

Beneficial Insects Research Unit:: Located at the University of Delaware, Newark. Provides information on current projects and research programs.

Behavior and Biocontrol Research Unit:: Provides information on research into novel and environmentally friendly solutions to old and new agricultural problems.

Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU):: Information on research and conservation and educational activities.

WildCRU Wildlife Conservation Research Unit:: Oxford University group develops practical solutions to conservation problems through research, implementation, education and local public involvement. Includes support and donation details.

CPPRU - Cotton Production and Processing Research Unit:: USA. Government research organization, focused on developing and integrating basic knowledge and processing systems for stripper-harvested cotton.

Floral & Nursery Plants Research Unit, US National Arboretum:: The unit conducts a broad based program contributing to basic and developmental research and the implementation of new technologies for the florist and nursery plant industries. Emphasis is placed on developing new and superior floral and woody nursery plants.

Soil and Plant Laboratory, Inc.:: Providing soil, plant, and water analysis and diagnostic services and consultation to the nursery, agriculture and landscaping industries.

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