Soil, Water, Plant Testing Lab at Colorado State University

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Virginia Tech Soil Testing Lab:: The Virginia Tech Soil Testing Laboratory is affiliated with both Virginia Cooperative Extension and the department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences, and analyzes soil samples submitted by the public and university researchers. Tests are performed to evaluate the soil's nutrient potential and to determine the most beneficial application rates of fertilizer and lime for optimum plant growth. Accurate soil analysis with subsequent recommenda

Texas Plant & Soil Lab:: Established in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley in 1938, the Texas Plant & Soil Lab was dedicated first and foremost to the needs of the agricultural community -- to the farmers and the growers. The success of the Texas Plant & Soil Lab testing method, the honesty in the advice and the success of the Ask The Plant system brought about renewed attention to the Daubney Extraction Method and established a leading reputation in the agricultural com

Oregon State University - Coastal Imaging Lab:: Long-term study of nearshore processes: how beaches and sandbars move around. Features images from beaches around the world.

The Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University:: Provides research, education and extension expertise related to animal production, beef cattle, sheep, meat sciences and horses.

Colorado State University Specialty Crops Program:: Describes current research and grants for specialty crops in Colorado with emphasis on organic, small farm, and sustainable agriculture research.

Plant Disease Control - Oregon State University:: Plant disease database of over 1,200 plant diseases, with illustrations and control recommendations. Covers a wide variety of plants including vegetables.

Soil Physics (Oklahoma State University):: A collection of models for water flow and solute transport in soils, for scientists, decision makers and students (with theory presentation and exercises)

University of Massachusetts - Department of Plant and Soil Sciences:: Amherst, Massachusetts, a 4-year program offering Turfgrass Management concentration. The program integrates scientific theory with practical experience, and covers such topics as grass and seed identification, turfgrass culture and physiology, pest control, and equipment maintenance. Graduates find careers as park and golf course superintendents, home lawn care specialists, and as technical representatives for the seed and chemical industries.

Soil Testing Laboratory:: The Soil Testing Laboratory at the University of Minnesota. The Laboratory is part of the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources. The Soil Testing Laboratory serves: the general public, and researchers. The Laboratory provides routine soil testing and fertilizer recommendation services to: - Florists - Farmers - Cemeteries - Composters - Sod producers - Agricultural lime producers

Timberleaf Soil Testing:: Reasons to test your soil: • Develop a healthy and nutritionally balanced soil • Avoid the costly overuse of fertilizers • Learn valuable garden management information, including tips on tillage and the use of organic matter • Contribute to a healthy environment • Grow stronger, healthier plants, and increase crop yields Our unique program goes a step further than most – it takes into consideration the wh

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