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Soil, Water, Plant Testing Lab at Colorado State University:: The Soil-Water-Plant Laboratory analyzes soil, water, plant, sludge, manure and miscellaneous types of samples from farmers, homeowners, consultants, government agencies and CSU personnel, and provides fertilizer suggestions for improving crop growth.

Virginia Tech:: The Insect Identification Laboratory at Virginia Tech. The Insect Identification Lab covers all insects found in all situations and commodities in Virginia. This diagnostic lab started in 1967 and is a service for Extension Agents and Citizens of Virginia.

Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs:: Provides on-line instruction, teaching tools, and information to the public and pesticide safety educators.

Virginia Tech Department of Dairy Science:: Includes information on the department, and on goat milk production.

Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide:: Images and descriptions of many species of terrestrial and aquatic weeds in Virginia.

Soil Testing Laboratory:: The Soil Testing Laboratory at the University of Minnesota. The Laboratory is part of the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources. The Soil Testing Laboratory serves: the general public, and researchers. The Laboratory provides routine soil testing and fertilizer recommendation services to: - Florists - Farmers - Cemeteries - Composters - Sod producers - Agricultural lime producers

Timberleaf Soil Testing:: Reasons to test your soil: • Develop a healthy and nutritionally balanced soil • Avoid the costly overuse of fertilizers • Learn valuable garden management information, including tips on tillage and the use of organic matter • Contribute to a healthy environment • Grow stronger, healthier plants, and increase crop yields Our unique program goes a step further than most – it takes into consideration the wh

Recommended Soil Testing Procedures:: Describes important soil tests and explains how to perform and interpret them.

Soil Engineering Testing (SET):: SET is a soil mechanics laboratory testing firm. We are owned and operated by an engineer, paraprofessional engineers and certified technicians. We have a combined engineering and soil testing experience of over 125 years.

Soil Search Lab:: Specializing in precision ag sampling, mapping, and analysis.

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