Improvised Silage Stretch Film Related

Stretch Island Fruit Co.:: Offers a variety of fruit leathers.

North American Film:: Providing agricultural mulch film and technical assistance to commercial growers around the world.

GSE World Film:: Manufactures plastic and film products such as greenhouse film, liners for water reservoir, channels, and aquaculture, temporary tanks, and other barrier and containment applications.

Food For Film Stylists:: Alice Hart, stylist for commercial photography, advertising, editorial, magazines, features and commercials.

Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital:: Offering a wide variety of films concerning the realms of nature and mankind.

Silage Production:: Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of making silage as compared to hay, and how silage making fits in with other farm operations.

Evaluating Silage Quality:: Describes how to take forage samples while filling the silo, visual evaluation of the fermented crop and chemical analysis.

Research on Silage in England and Wales:: The results of a survey of dairy farmers on the use of High Dry-Matter silage.

Feeding Sheep Corn Silage:: Nutrient value and guidelines that should be followed when incorporating corn silage in ewe and lamb diets.

Development of a Novel Antifungal Silage Inoculant, The:: PhD research thesis into the isolation of inoculant strains with antifungal activities. Includes a review of the state of the art.

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