Soil Compaction: Causes, Effects, and Control

Soil Compaction: Causes, Effects, and Control Related

Soil Compaction and Drainage:: Article discussing the damage that can be caused to soils through shallow and deep compaction, what research has shown, and some ways to counteract the problem.

Erosion Control and Soaked Soil.:: Albright Seed Company: Information on the use of grass as a form of erosion control.

Considering Cumulative Effects:: Report on the complex issues involved under NEPA in cumulative effects analysis and decision making.

Nutritional Effects on Sheep Health:: Prevention and treatment of diseases commonly associated with nutritional imbalances.

Potentially Beneficial Effects from Liming:: Abstract from a university lecture describing the physical and chemical effects of liming on different soil types.

Acid Rain: Causes, Effects and Solutions:: Explanation of the causes, the consequences, and the solutions of acid rain. Information about acid rain's chemical formations and reactions.

Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation:: A comprehensive report from the Canadian Environmental Advisory Council on the biological effects of radiation. Genetic damage, latency of cancer, units of exposure, biological effectiveness of radiation.

Radiation Effects Research Foundation:: Private, nonprofit Japanese foundation, supported by the U.S. and Japan governments, that conducts research and studies on the effects of radiation exposure on humans with a view toward contributing to the maintenance of the health and welfare of atomic-bomb survivors and to the enhancement of the health of all people. Laboratories in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Environmental Effects of Ozone Depletion:: A 1998 assessment by the United Nations Environment Programme.

USA: Classifying Soils Using Soil Taxonomy: The Twelve Soil Orders:: Brief definitions and pictures of the US 12 soil orders .University of Minnesota, Soil, Water and Climate department.

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