Tutorials in Soil Physics

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Soil Physics and Soil Hydrology Program:: Details of courses, research and faculty at The Laboratory of Soil Physics and Soil Hydrology, University of Tokyo.

Soil Physics Division (SSSAJ):: Homepage of the Soil Physics Division of the Soil Science Society of America. Journals, meetings, mailing-list and soil physics links.

Soil Physics (Oklahoma State University):: A collection of models for water flow and solute transport in soils, for scientists, decision makers and students (with theory presentation and exercises)

Advanced Soil Physics (Sydney University, ACPA):: Course to examine and understand the quantitative aspects of soil physics particularly in relation to the transfer of energy, gas, water, solids and solutes in soil.

Eco Physics:: Products for measuring nitrogen oxides by chemiluminescence technique.

Health Physics Society:: Professional organization dedicated to development, dissemination, and application of both the scientific knowledge of, and the practical means for, radiation protection.

Radiation and Health Physics:: Information and links from the University of Michigan health physics students.

Applied Physics USA:: Provider of air sampling and monitoring devices and supplies.

American Academy of Health Physics:: Provides standards of communication, ethics, work practices, and knowledge for health physicists, and provides recognition as a Certified Health Physicist (CHP).

UNLV Department of Health Physics:: Our Department of Department of Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences offers undergraduate academic programs in the areas of Comprehensive Medical Imaging, Health Physics, and Nuclear Medicine. Graduate programs are offered in Health Physics (M.S.) and Radiochemistry (Ph.D.). Each of these programs is taught by nationally-renown faculty that are committed to ensure that our graduates are prepared to be successful in their chosen area of specialt

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