Soil and Tillage Research Related

Corn, Soil Tillage and Soil Erosion:: Specific information regarding soil management and the benefit of corn when combatting erosion.

Rothamsted Research: Soil Science:: Aims to optimise crop yield and quality while protecting soils, water, the food chain and the global environment through an understanding of nutrient acquisition, nutrient transformations, soil ecology and remediation. Description of division and its research projects.

Australian Journal of Soil Research:: Especially focussing on land and water management, soil pollution and remediation, and sustainable primary production. Site offers the Index, Abstracts and a sample issue.

CSIR-Soil Research Institute:: The CSIR-Soil Research Institute has the mandate to undertake inventory of the soil resources of Ghana and carry out scientific research to generate information and technologies for effective planning, utilization and management of the soil resources of Ghana for increased and sustainable agriculture, industry as well as ensuring safe and sound environment. Objectives of CSIR-Soil Research Institute: * Develop knowledge for efficient mana

National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory:: US Department of Agriculture research lab focusing on fundamental erosion process research, erosion control research and delivery of improved erosion prediction technology.

Soil Plant Nutrient Research Unit:: Description of current research projects in the areas of soil resources management and global change. Publications and posters available.

USDA-ARS National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory:: Information regarding: Erosion process research, erosion control research, and delivery of improved erosion prediction technology.

F. P. Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd.:: Manufactures a wide variety of ground engaging tillage and seeding tools.

Nichols Tillage Tools:: Manufacturer of quality tillage tools, including Ultrawing sweeps, Quick Change System, Soil Slitter, discs, blades, and more.

Alberta Reduced Tillage Linkages:: Sustainable cropping and direct seeding information featuring a larger agronomy library.

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