Dry land salinity in Australia

Dry land salinity in Australia Related

Rainwater Harvesting for Dry Land Agriculture:: Describes a pilot project in Syria where it was possible to identify areas suitable for water harvesting, using satellite imagery and data sets on topography, soil, vegetation, hydrology and meteorology.

University of Western Australia - Centre for Land Rehabilitation (CLR)::

US Salinity Laboratory:: Basic research on the chemistry, physics, biology, and assessment of salt-affected soil/plant/water systems.

National Dryland Salinity Program:: Is a collaborative research and development effort that is investigating the causes of, and solutions to, the problem of dryland salinity in Australia.

Timber Land and Hunting Land:: Available in various states across the US.

Canada Dry:: Corporate web site. Offers product information, product ingredients, company history, recipes, and game ideas.

Beans: Dry and Snap:: Information on growing these crops including recommended varieties, planting methods, fertility, harvesting and information on pests and their control.

Dry Edible Beans:: Provides an overview of this crop, a production guide, information on growing beans and pest management advice.

Dry Field Pea:: Factsheet on this crop, its history, uses, varieties and cultivation.

Makin Dry Nuts:: Makin Dry Nuts : Production, process and trade of Greek dried nuts. We produce, process and trade dry nuts from Greece, almonds, pistachios, pistachios kernels, walnuts and Greek virgin olive oil.

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US Salinity Laboratory
National Dryland Salinity Program