Sustainable Soil Management

Sustainable Soil Management Related

Sustainable Soil Management:: This publication covers basic soil properties and the necessary management steps toward building and maintaining healthy soils, with a list of further resources. [PDF]

Sustainable Soil Management: An Achievable Goal:: Describes the EU concepts for active soil management.

Sustainable Strawberry Soil Management Without Methyl Bromide.:: The phase-out of methyl bromide threatens the sustainability of the New Zealand strawberry industry. A project is under way to find alternative soil fumigants or other management practices.

Sustainable Soil and Water Ltd:: Provider of sustainable farming and environmental solutions using beneficial microorganisms that exist freely in nature.

CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems: Pest Management:: Many foreign plants and animals have established themselves in Australia. CSIRO research aims to understand how such introduced pests as foxes, rodents and rabbits interact with the environment and how to control them.

Principles of Sustainable Weed Management for Croplands:: Article discussing several alternatives to conventional tillage systems, including allelopathy, intercropping, crop rotations and a weed-free cropping design.

Soils and Soil Management:: Offers a database and search function of a range of articles about fertilizers, micronutrients and fertilizer application.

Crop and Soil Management:: From Penn State University. Includes chapters on soil management and fertility.

Soil Water Management:: Factsheets, publications about irrigation, drainage and erosion control from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Soil and Water Management:: Information from USDA on soil quality and testing, nutrients, cover crops, composting, conservation tillage, erosion control, whole farm systems and water conservation.

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