The Australian Soil Classification

The Australian Soil Classification Related

Australian Soil Classification: An Interactive Key:: Gives details of a CD-ROM of this name, a reference tool that allows the purchaser to allocate soil profiles to any level of the official Australian Soil Classification.

Advanced Soil Genesis: Soil Morphology and Classification:: A short introduction to soil morphology (description) and a presentation of the 12 soil orders (US) and their genesis. University of Arizona, Soil, Water and Environmental Science, Craig Rasmussen. [PDF]

UK: United Kingdom soil classification system:: A short introduction to UK soil classification system. Soil characteristics and soil classes. SoilsWorldwide (National Soil Resources Institute, Cranfield University)

The Canadian System of Soil Classification, Third Edition:: Online and searchable version of this book.

Australian Soil Club:: The Australian Soil Club was established to develop a national network of land managers and others interested in increasing their knowledge of soils and sustainable land management practices. We invite all those interested in learning more about soils to register (at our website) and benefit from the sharing of information between landowners and researchers. The website provides information and research into physical, chemical and biological aspe

Australian Society of Soil Science:: Contains society and branch information, newsletter, news and events information, links to other soil sites of interest.

Australian Journal of Soil Research:: Especially focussing on land and water management, soil pollution and remediation, and sustainable primary production. Site offers the Index, Abstracts and a sample issue.

Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS):: Interactive soil maps and information on soil resources in Australia, from national to local (soil profile) scale.

Classification Procedures for Expansive Soils:: Article by A Sridharan and K Prakash discussing how best to set about classifying expansive soils, as the use of standard methods of classification result in distress to the structures founded on them. [PDF]

Definition and Classification of Commodities: Roots and Tubers and Derived Products:: A Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) site that describes root and tuber crops and derived products.

  • New Additions: Soil Morphology, Classification and Survey
Wallace Laboratories
Australia: Soil Maps of Tasmania (DPIW)
Australian Soil Classification: An Interactive Key
Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS)