World Reference Base, Map of World Soil Resources

World Reference Base, Map of World Soil Resources Related

World Reference Base for soil resources (2006, 2nd ed.):: The WRB is an international soil classification framework (FAO, IUSS, ISRIC): diagnostic, key and definitions of the reference soil groups. [PDF]

The World of Soil:: Resources and articles on soil science and upkeep. Includes list of links. Intended for agriculture and horticulture.

World: Global Soil Regions:: Map showing world wide distribution of soil types.

World Resources Institute - Climate, Energy & Transport:: Identifies opportunities to reduce the risk of global climate change in ways that drive sustainable economic development worldwide.

World: Lecture notes on the major soils of the world:: Description, characteristics, geography, landforms and genesis of the 30 Reference Soil Groups (WRB), grouped in 10 sets

World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue (WOSSAC):: Collection of (paper) soil maps, reports and imagery established by British soil scientists in various countries.

World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue (WOSSAC):: The World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue, or WOSSAC, Archive is one of the facilities of the National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI) at Cranfield University, UK. NSRI is the largest UK national and international centre for research and development, consultancy and training in soils and their interaction with the atmosphere, land use, geology and water resources. NSRI is a well-established centre within the Cranfield Natural Resources Departme

International Soil Reference and Information Centre:: Foundation for documentation, training and research on soils, with emphasis on developing countries. Houses the "World Soil Museum".

Russia: Soil Map of Russia/FAO soil types:: Table correlating the Soil Map of Russia's soil type with FAO World Reference Base (Land Ressources of Russia)

Tree World:: Provides an international arborist’s forum for discussion and information about trees with industry experts. Questions answered, participation for registered users.

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Australian Soil Classification: An Interactive Key
Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS)