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Yahoo Groups: HarnessGoats:: An e-mail list for people who want to share information on driving goats. Public message archives.

Yahoo Groups: Packgoat:: An email list for people who share an interest in hiking and packing with goats. Information on how to join; message archives for members only.

Introductory Soil Science:: Lectures and Laboratory Units of the Soil Sciences Courses at the University of Minnesota. Influences on soil fertility are explained and simple soil tests are described.

Department of Soil Science:: State University of North Carolina. Internationally recognized teaching and research facility for scientists and students of soil science.

Soil Science Education:: Aims to foster awareness about soil and its importance to life. With practical and illustrated soil science activities for school children.

Rothamsted Research: Soil Science:: Aims to optimise crop yield and quality while protecting soils, water, the food chain and the global environment through an understanding of nutrient acquisition, nutrient transformations, soil ecology and remediation. Description of division and its research projects.

University of Saskatchewan: Soil Science:: Provides a range of teaching, training, research, extension and analytical services. Includes details of graduate programs, research and the faculty.

Australian Society of Soil Science:: Contains society and branch information, newsletter, news and events information, links to other soil sites of interest.

Canadian Society of Soil Science:: Promotes research and practical application of findings in soil science and information and technology exchange. Newsletters, student information, contacts and links.

Czech Society of Soil Science:: Information about the society and its activities. Links to current conferences and meetings.

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