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The Biodynamic Agricultural Association:: The BDAA aims to support, promote and develop the biodynamic approach to farming, gardening and forestry. Organises research and training, produces leaflets and runs a Demeter Marketplace.

Mailorder Gardening Association:: Includes members, membership information, and consumer information.

Bee Biodynamic:: Campaign to raise awareness about the urgent need to save the honeybee. Encourages biodynamic agriculture which supports the life of bees, providing them with a safe and halthy environment.

Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut:: Includes a calendar of events, membership information, and a list of farms.

Northeast Organic Farming Association of Massachusetts:: Includes membership application, news, and food guide.

Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey:: Includes a calendar of events and information for consumers and growers.

Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA):: The Northeast Organic Farming Association is a non-profit organization of over 5,000 farmers, gardeners, landscape professionals and consumers working to promote healthy food, organic farming practices and a cleaner environment. Northeast Organic Farmers Association (NOFA) is a loosely-coordinated group of state NOFA chapters whose purpose is to advocate for and educate about organic and sustainable agriculture, family-scale farming and homestead

Kitchen Gardening:: Kitchen Gardener, the page offers links to the various resources GardenWeb has related to herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Petite Gardening:: My name is Suzette Lizotte and I offer gardening consulting. I love being in the garden. By creating Petite Gardening, I hope to help others find their way in the garden, collecting the many benefits of working with nature at all stages of life, from youth to elder. I work with you in your own garden and assist you in creating healthy, vibrant, manageable gardens. I use organic, sustainable, natural practices and offer education for growing your

Sustainable Suburban Gardening:: Topics cover the transition from garden hobbyist to four season sustainable gardener on Cape Cod. Articles include growing techniques, organic fertilizers, pest controls, planning and preparation and self-sufficiency.

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