Organic Farming/Product Certification with Biological Farmers of Australia

Organic Farming/Product Certification with Biological Farmers of Australia Related

Organic Farm Certification and the National Organic Program:: This guide outlines the considerations involved in moving to organic farming and the basic steps to certification, a necessity if produce is to be marketed as being organic. [PDF]

The Organic Certification Process for Crops:: Provides details of the steps that need to be taken to obtain certification status in the United States.

Quality Assurance International Organic Certification:: A private, professional service corporation developed for the purpose of verifying the authenticity of food, fiber and other products which are organically grown under a management policy of sustainable agriculture.

Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd:: Certification and inspection body for the production and processing of organic food in the UK. Technical information, news and events.

Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers:: Information and advice on production, growing, marketing and certification of vegetables, grains, livestock, greenhouses and seeds.

Hawaii Organic Farmers Association:: Home page of HOFA, the premier organic certifier in Hawaii

California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF):: Links, news, FAQs and descriptions useful to organic buyers and growers.

Irish Organic Farmers & Growers Association:: IOFGA aims to aid the production, marketing and promotion of organic food in Ireland

Free-range Snail Farming in Australia:: Report by Sonya Begg for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation covering this subject in detail. [PDF]

Extended Product Responsibility: A New Principle for Product-Oriented Pollution Prevention:: Report from The Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies.

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Illinois Organic Growers Association (IOGA)
Tropical Agriculture Association (TAA)
The Biodynamic Agricultural Association