The Biodynamic Agricultural Association

The Biodynamic Agricultural Association Related

Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association:: U.S. non-profit organization formed to foster knowledge of biodynamic methods of agriculture, horticulture and forestry and undertake educational activities. Produces a journal and promotes CSA.

Bee Biodynamic:: Campaign to raise awareness about the urgent need to save the honeybee. Encourages biodynamic agriculture which supports the life of bees, providing them with a safe and halthy environment.

Agricultural Retailers Association:: Organization representing the retail sector of the agricultural industry, providing information on government affairs, financial services and legislative revisions.

National Agricultural Aviation Association:: Voice of the aerial application industry.

Texas Agricultural Aviation Association:: Agricultural aviation operators and pilots interested in the advancement of the industry.

Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association:: WUSATA is one of four nonprofit international trade development organizations called State Regional Trade Groups.

National Association of County Agricultural Agents:: Code of ethics, list of educational opportunities, and meeting history.

Arkansas Agricultural Aviation Association (AAAA):: The AAAA represents the agricultural aviation industry in Arkansas. The industry uses 339 ag planes in crop production. There are 405 licensed commercial ag pilots with 181 commercial firms. The Arkansas Agricultural Aviation Association (AAAA) is proud of the industries contribution to the most productive farming methods in the world.

The Powell River & District Agricultural Association:: Ours is a Non-Profit Society dedicated to the support of regional agriculture, rural farming and urban food security. We sponsor the Fall Fair in an effort to unite people of all ages and interests in a common forum offering a fun filled environment in which to learn, exchange ideas, and discover skills not seen every day. The volunteers and participants work long and hard throughout the year growing, nurturing, creating and finally presenting th

Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA):: The Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA) is a not-for-profit association serving the professional interests of members working in agricultural and broadly related fields of applied economics. Members of the AAEA are employed by academic or government institutions, as well as in industry and not-for-profit organizations, and engage in a variety of teaching, research, and extension/outreach activities. Their work addresses a broad ra

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