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New Ecology, Inc.:: Nonprofit environmental organization that promotes economic development in distressed urban communities throughout New England.

Eco-action:: Articles and background information for ecological direct action. UK and global news, links and contacts.

Carbon Action:: Specialist carbon training, verification and management consultancy, based in the UK. Provides information on climate change, the services offered, news and a blog.

Action Environment:: Provides services to remedial action contractors, general contractors, government and industrial clients in the areas of water, soil, air, odor, noise pollution, as well as environmental assessment. (Delaware)

Information for Action:: Free, international, environmental, automated service to lobby politicians throughout the world.

Action For Nature:: San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that encourages students to take action to improve the environment and to foster respect for nature. Find links to their eco-hero awards program, games for kids, and information for adults.

What is Social Ecology?:: Essay by Murray Bookchin.

Ecology Center:: Nonprofit organization devoted to sustainable development.

River Action, Inc.:: Nonprofit citizens action group dedicated to well-designed riverfront development, public access, and a healthy Mississippi River.

Industrial Ecology:: Industrial Ecology promotes enhanced sustainability by stimulating innovations in the reuse of waste materials. The wastes or by-products of one industry are used as inputs in another industry, thereby closing the material loop of industrial systems and minimizing waste. * Waste and by-products must be reused as input materials in a systematic way to close the material cycle as efficiently as possible; * Loss caused by dispersion must b

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