European Action Plan for Organic Food and Farming

European Action Plan for Organic Food and Farming Related

Bats Species Action Plan:: Gives the status of bats in the Birmingham and Black Country, the factors affecting the bat population and the action to be taken to conserve the populations.

North Merseyside Biodiversity Action Plan:: The North Merseyside Biodiversity Action Plan aims to help local people become more aware of the area's natural environment and the issues facing it. The Plan is not a single published document, but instead comprises a number of individual Species & Habitat Action Plans and a Business Plan to prioritise work for conservation over the next few years. All of these documents, as well as a great deal more supplementary information, are available from

European Dairy Farming Event:: The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers brings together milk producers, dairy cattle breeders, genetics and farm technology.

European Consortium for Organic Plant Breeding:: Links to the foundation members, status in English and German, publications and newsletter .

Organic Farming World:: Provides a guide to the basics of organic farming.

Organic Farming Works:: Atina and Martin Diffley educate farmers and consumers through their consulting business Organic Farming Works LLC. Martin Diffley started the Gardens of Eagan, an urban-edge organic vegetable farm, on his 5th generation family land in 1973. Atina joined him in 1985. They grew a diverse range of vegetables and “brand-name” marketed through their roadside stand in Eagan, Minnesota, and direct to Twin Cities area natural food co-operatives and

Organic Farming Systems:: We have been in the business of sustainable agriculture for over 15 years. Organic Farming Systems is a leading Australian supplier of sustainable and organic fertilisers, and soil and crop health products. We specialise in assisting growers incorporate sustainable farming practices into their program, improving soil and crop health which ultimately improves quality and yield. What our growers want most: • Nutrient Release from Soils • S

Organic Vegetable Farming:: Hybrid Ag was established in Melbourne in 2002 with the sole focus of supplying the agricultural market with high quality prescription blended soil and plant nutrient solutions. At that time a market was emerging that was demanding higher quality and higher profitability at lower prices. The only way for the grower to survive was to raise the yields! Through careful analysis of the soil and plants and applying the relevant nutrients in a buffered

European Network of Organic Agriculture Students (ENOAS):: Information about the history and aims of the association, its groups in the countries, upcoming events and list of study courses across Europe.

European Consortium for Organic Animal Breeding (ECO-AB):: It aims to promote organic agriculture through animal breeding based on the standards and principles of organic farming and directed at the needs of organic farming systems.

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